How to choose an architect or someone who undertakes architectural services can be a minefield and a difficult decision to undertake.

There are many aspects that can be taken into consideration and the following are some of them

  • Do you want your architect to undertake everything for you? Most offer a fully comprehensive service that will include
  • Initial concept ideas
  • Pre planning application to access the likely success of the planning application
  • The planning drawings
  • Building regulation drawings
  • Structural engineering selection
  • Party wall notices
  • Overseeing the planning application and monitoring the process
  • Satisfying any conditions that have been imposed
  • 3D visuals
  • Preparing the tender for the works
  • Reviewing the submitted prices
  • Contractor selection
  • Building control submission
  • Contract preparation
  • Overseeing the works

Many people who undertake building projects are often unaware of the mandatory procedure, in order to get construction underway. Due to a lack of expert advisory, they end up in frustration when the unknown obstacles arise. A typical example would be where plans require drawings, submission to the local authority will be the subsequent stage. The following step would be to select a contractor. If the works commence without a “party wall agreement” and the issue flags up, the project would need to stop as legally binding procedures are essential.

Architectural Costs

It appears that often when in the process of obtaining prices for architectural services, the client is unaware of the important details to get the constructional project underway. If for example, the client wants architectural plans for his new extension, he may very well receive a price simply for the planning aspect of the project, where someone else may well give the price but it includes the building regulation drawings, a big difference in cost between the two. At Inspired Plans, we provide clear quotations in order to identify a fair price comparison.

At Inspired Plans, we offer a free quotation for our architectural services that clearly identifies what is required and what is included so there are no nasty surprises along the way.