Internal alterations that will help change your home.

See our guide to the best internal alterations you can make to your home, that will give you more space without extending your property.

If you are looking to add space to your home, you have probably considered an extension or basement addition to your current property, and if this isn’t suitable for you, or if you think the costs are too high, why not try making some internal alterations instead.

There are many ways to add that much-needed space within your home without resorting to major building work, here are our favourite ways to add to your existing property using only internal alterations.


Remove a wall:

Add the illusion of a larger room by merely removing an internal wall, not only will this make the room seem longer, but will also give you access to more light, which will be more energy efficient especially during the summer months.

You will also gain longer walls which can be used to increase space with the use of smart wall storage, such as built-in bookshelves. If you don’t fancy talking out a wall, you could try some of our other ideas.

You must always check if the wall you are removing is a load bearing wall before any work is carried out.


Relocate your stairs:

The stairs in your property may be able to be relocated to a more suitable and space saving area in your home, and if they can’t be moved, you could try redesigning them. Most stair setups will allow you to use them to create storage solutions, helping you gain space without extending your home or tearing down a wall.


Add underfloor heating:

Adding underfloor heating may not seem as if it will gain you much extra space, but any clear wall space can be beneficial to adding storage solutions to your home. Underfloor heating can also be energy efficient and will give you a good excuse to remove those old, and ugly radiators permanently from your house.


Remove that chimney breast:

Removing the chimney breast from your home can easily give you more floor space especially if you don’t have a working chimney.

However, it is important to note that removing the chimney breast, bay window, or any load bearing wall, will require you to hire the services of a structural engineer, who will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your wall removal needs.

For many of the internal alterations made to your home, you won’t need planning permission or building regulation approval, unless you are also building an extension but some work, for example removing any load bearing walls, will need to be inspected before action can be carried out.

You may also want to hire the services of a qualified architect who can not only tell you if a wall is safe to take out but will also be able to draw up design plans for you with space-saving and storage being a priority, ensuring you get the maximum amount of space from your chosen internal alteration.