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Create More Space

Renovation Projects to create more space in your home

Spaces in homes are like a coveted luxury, especially when it is a large family. Not only does it make the family living happier it also increases the resale value of the home. Carving space from an already established homestead can be a bit daunting if you have little clue of what you should do and how it should be done. There are several ways of undertaking renovation projects to create more space within a house. We will look at three of the most popular renovation projects:

  • Basement conversion
  • Loft conversion
  • House extension
Renovation Projects Inspired Plans
Use the Space you Already Have
Basement conversion: Creatively utilizing the space under your house. Basements are no longer dark, mouldy rooms under the house. On the contrary, they are beginning to prove popular with house remodelling and designs. Basement construction and remodelling is a great way to add useful space to your house. Numerous people are now using basements as wine cellars while others utilise them for offices and additional space. With an excellent basement design plan, you can maximize your basement. When considering basement remodelling, it is best to engage the services of a basement design specialist. They know how best to go about renovation projects, basement regulation drawings and design plans.
Space, Space, Space
LOFT CONSTRUCTION: CREATIVE USE OF LOFT SPACE As a matter of fact, loft or attics have been underutilised for a long time in home design. While an attic can be an entire upper story in a building, a loft might only cover some parts of the house. Incorporating a loft design into your home is a great way to create space. When going the loft conversion route, engaging the services of a loft conversion architect will save you lot of trouble. Loft conversion architects will know how to handle the loft design, understand how best to utilise the loft space, they will get the loft conversion detail drawing, detail regulation drawing and loft conversion detail permission, all of which is needed and regulatory.
Extension: Added Space It takes a lot of near and best knowledge to add an extension to a building. Extension renovation projects can be done upward, by adding extra stories or outward by knocking down a wall and expanding the house. The advantage of extending upward apart from extra space is the possibility of a skylight. Knocking down a portion of the house to add to it either upward or outward can be a bit daunting. The costs will soar if it is badly done and you may find yourself falling foul of the numerous regulations that come with building extensions. From extension planning permission to extension planning building regulations, the amount of red tape you need to go through may well make you change your mind. Quick advice: use an extension architect who knows all the red tape and how to go through it. They will come up with a great extension building plan that will be suitable for your needs and your cost budget. When remodelling your house to create more space, have a clear picture of what you want, or best still work with a professional designer who will help optimise the space for your renovation projects.


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Architect Services and Whether or Not I Need Them. When considering architect services there really are a lot of niches to choose from. Our Architects and Architectural Technologists can help with everything from initial design drawings to build ready drawings ready...